Grace-Based Coaching

Grace. This word represents one of the most twisted and neglected doctrines of the Christian Church. I was raised in church, attained a Bachelor's Degree in Religion, held ministerial licenses in two different denominations, and served as church staff and I am still dumbfounded by grace.

After years serving on prayer lines, facilitating inner healing sessions, and mental health counseling, I am convinced that a raw, Biblical understanding of grace and the ability to apply it to ourselves and others is one of the most powerful healing tools in the world.

Grace-Based Coaching is similar to other forms of Life Coaching in that we look at personality and communication styles, personal passions and strengths, and goal setting. The primary focus, however, is creating lenses of grace. A paradigm shift in how you see yourself and the world.

What is Grace-Based Counseling? Check out the blog post HERE

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