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Faith Based and Trauma Informed Counseling, Coaching & Training

Extreme Stress. Sensory Overload. Trauma. Abuse. Family Drama. Burnout.

There is plenty in this world to push us down. It is time we learn how to pull one another back up. 


Hukilani exists to provide education, care, and support to individuals and communities desiring to walk others out of darkness.  If you are an individual seeking to be a "safe place" for others in your community, Hukilani may be the equipping resource you have been looking for!  Individual counseling services provided in person and on-line for individuals in Iowa and Nebraska.

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Jeannie Hughes, MA, LMHP

Hukilani was created out of a story. A true life journey of pain, discovery, and passion. In 2003, an amazing young man bearing the name Hukilani passed from this world. I, Jeannie, was blessed to journey with this man for nearly 10 years. Before he died he asked me to write our story. I did, though the book is still being edited. But I could not stop there. Hukilani is more than a story. It is a movement to see the unseen, love those who feel unlovable, and challenge "us vs them" thinking. It is a movement of people pulling one another into freedom and toward heaven.



Jeannie Hughes was born and raised in Council Bluffs, IA.  She received a BA in Religion from MidAmercia Nazarene University and, later, an MA in Clinical Counseling from Denver Seminary. Jeannie is a Nationally Certified Counselor, a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner (LIMHP) in the state of Nebraska, and a Licensed Practitioner in Iowa.

In addition to her work with Hukilani, Jeannie established Deepwater Counseling, a ministry of Bluewater Mission in Honolulu where she founded an inner healing team and worked closely with the Social Justice Ministry, including human trafficking survivors. She is trained as a Strengths Coach with former clients that include churches, schools, a real estate company, and Teach for America.

After a 15 year adventure living and ministering on the island of Oahu in Hawaii Jeannie recently returned to the Omaha metro area where she uses her skill and experience to equip individuals, churches, and community organizations to be trauma informed and safe, healing communities.


Jeannie is a counselor, consultant, and trainer uniquely qualified to combine spiritual and clinical insights in a way that anyone can understand.  She will fight beside you to make a difference in the world.


Jeannie Hughes, MA, LIMHC

Member, AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors)

Prepare/Enrich Certified

Council Bluffs, Iowa


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