"Jeannie is a powerful, spirit-led minister and teacher.  Her profound giftings and experience in the supernatural as well as her background in counseling give her teachings a unique flavor.  Her messages bring truth and freedom.  My own faith journey and ministry have been greatly impacted by her trainings and workshops.  I cannot recommend her enough."

Janelle H

"Describing my experience with Jeannie . . . she "is compassionate, gentle yet powerful, and a gifted minister. Her heart is entirely in what she does.  She has extensive experience in prayer ministry coupled with a deep understanding of the healing path.  Dynamite!"

Jessica R

"Jeannie Hughes is not only a gifted speaker, but she has the skills and experience to give authentic and useful teaching regarding prayer and supernatural ministry, counseling, and trauma. She is passionate about what she does and it shows.  I highly recommend her!"

Angie G

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